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Windows Decatur
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Historic home with original, inefficient wood windows. Replaced windows with energy efficient vinyl replacement windows. New windows were installed exterior to interior. Exterior trim wasleft as is to maintain it's origina appearance.

Energy Efficiency
Brick home with inefficient metal framed windows. Metal windows had double paned glass, but didn't have the much more efficient low emissivity glass with Argon that is available today. These windows were replaced exterior to interior. The exterior trim was wrapped in maintenance free vinyl coil giving the homes exterior a much more brillaint appearance. The homeowner chose windows with no grids. Also, they went wtih full screens as opposed to half screens.

Windows & Siding
1980's ranch with wood windows and true divided lite girds. This homeowner wanted a different look with their new windows and therefore chosse to eliminate the grid appearance of their previous windows. Windows with no grids are displayed in the after image.
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